At Sound Entertainment we specialise in working with communities and organisations to design and deliver fun, safe events that bring people together.  Events such as youth dance parties, community balls, drive-in-movies, concerts, talent shows, community festivals, camps, conferences and themed events (such as All Night Party, Wild Goose Chase, Schnook Hunts and more).  

Events can be designed with your team and customised to achieve your goals of promoting your organisation, fundraising or simply having fun.

We can work with your staff or volunteers to involve them in all aspects of designing and running the event as leadership  development.

Sound Entertainment has designed and run events of all kinds including conferences, concerts, drive in movies, camps, training retreats, talent quests, band competitions, parades, community fun days, sporting events, team building...  

Chris is a qualified teacher and youth worker specialising in Co-design and social enterprise.  The first step is meeting to ascertain what goals you have for your event.  What is it you are trying to achieve?  Chris will work with your team to design an event that is unique, creative and inclusive.

Contact Chris to discuss the opportunity to design an event or function that is original and memorable.